June 20, 2006

2 More Chemo Treatments!!!!

Hi. It is Tuesday afternoon and the kids are playing at their friends house. I am still getting caught up on all the household stuff and have decided it will take me atleast another week for my body to recover from the marathon of theme parks. The kids have all wished that we could return to the Give Kids the World Village. I am looking forward to making a memory book of pictures and details so we can look back on it and remember just how much cool stuff we did.

I have some very exciting news about Jack's chemo treatments. I think the schedule I had was for the experimental program which we did not participate in, and that schedule was several weeks longer than the protocol that Jack is on. So low and behold, we have 2 more treatments to go on this chemo regimen. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday), and then next week we have chemo on Friday, and that will be our last on this type of medicine. I can't even believe that. We will have 2 weeks to wait after the treatment is over before we head to Dallas for his MRI on July 11, and then find out the results on July 12th.

This is very weird, but I am excited that this is almost over, and at the same time I feel like I am on the verge of tears, for many reasons I guess, we will miss seeing our new friends we have made at chemo, the nurses and patients. I will miss that special time with Jack, just hanging out and being with him, and then physically I know that this is the end of these particular medicines for Jack, what lies ahead is up in the air. It is in the times of uncertainty it seems that my faith is tested and through the Holy Spirit continues to abide in the word of the Lord.

I will post after chemo tomorrow.
Blessings, Tammy


Anonymous said...

Maybe the weird way you are feeling has to do with the phrase you used, "what lies ahead is up in the air." Basically, isn't that true for each of us? But when the battle is against something tangible, like cancer, as long as we are DOING something, we somehow feel more empowered to win the battle. But we have a God who never stops working, even when we're just "being still." May His Holy Spirit continue to fill you with that peace that transcends understanding. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures from your trip. What a joy!

With ongoing prayers,

Sharon Winkler

Anonymous said...

We are praying that the plaque is gone and it is the end of treatments all together. I love you.