March 06, 2007

Be Wise, Be Bold, Love Hard

Good Tuesday morning. Tomorrow Jana and I hit the road for our "Tammy and Jana Shoot Small Town Texas" Day trip. Our first one. We both are beyond ourselves with excitement! I am setting up a website for the purpose of those trips, and will link it through this site.

Things are pretty quiet on the home front. Next week is Spring Break and we are all counting down the days.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers for Jack. He is back wearing his eye patch for 2 hours a day. His right eye is turning in a bit more, from the intercranial pressure, and the patch will help strengthen those muscles.

I attended the funeral of one of my favorite men yesterday. Mel Holt. He was one of our elders at church for 36 years. He was an awesome example of a man. He was larger than life, a very colorful wardrobe, and a smile that could launch ships. He loved the Lord with all he had, loved his wife of 68 years with all of his being, his family, his church family, music (he wrote spiritual and country music songs), art... I loved the description, he was a modern day Renaissance man. When I would see Mel, my standard greeting was Hi-Ya Mel, and his standard greeting was a big hug and hello. Be Wise, Be Bold, Love Hard. Those were his words. Those are good words.


Sarah said...

I remember Mel from my colllege days -- he seemed like a wonderful man. I like his words -- I'll try to live by that!