March 01, 2007


Great News! Insurance called today and Jack's Gamma Knife procedure will be covered. So as far as I know now, Jack is scheduled on March 30th for the procedure.

We had a busy day today. I went "for real" grocery shopping for the first time in over a month. I bought several meals of food plus snacks, fruit, cereal, toiletries....One of the managers asked me if I had bought them out. We have been fast fooding more than is good, or making toast and eggs, or cereal...running into the store for 2 ingredients that I need to throw something together.

I am not a good meal planner. That would break my Nana's heart if she only knew that. She would call several times a week to check on my plans for dinner, she loved to cook. Feeding people was her greatest talent and she did it better than anyone I know. She always said that she could throw together a 7 course meal in 30 minutes...and it would be the best meal you had ever eaten.

For the most part menu planning is drudgery for me. So about every 6 weeks I will make a major grocery store run then fill in with easy stuff until I can't stand the easy stuff any more. So tonight I made Jana's super declicious chicken tortilla soup with chopped avocado's and fresh cilantro. It was so yummy. I bought too many snacky type things because I broke the cardinal rule, I went to the grocery store hungry. Rob loves those snacky type things so he is always grateful for my grumbling stomach when I go to the grocery.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday night.



jessica said...

I really wish cooking were my thing... I always joke that I need a wife who enjoys cooking and cleaning... I'd definetly be healthier! :)

holly said...

I not a great planner either, but out check book really appreciates it when I do.