March 21, 2007

Jack and Sophie to be baptized Sunday!!!

Wednesday Afternoon. I have spent most of the week in front of my mac processing images from several sittings over the weekend. I am almost done. Tomorrow morning I will start processing our Buffalo Gap images. They look great! I am always amazed that Buffalo Gap is only 10 minutes away but still so different than Abilene. Thanks for your patience.
After alot of prayer and talk with Jack and Sophie they are convicted that they want to be baptized this Sunday at church. I am SO excited!

I heard from UT Southwestern today and they are still not sure our insurance will cover Jack's procedure. I thought we were past this part, but apparently not. So we will be looking forward to hearing back tomorrow from all parties involved about the final decision. I feel like they are going to cover it, but we will know for sure soon. It seems a bit funny, but when I talked with the hospital they told me it was all about code's and such, they need something to put in a computer somewhere, but because Gamma Knife is not normally covered by our insurance company they have no code for gamma knife. Maybe they could code it GK, just a suggestion.

So that is a quick update, look for pics tomorrow on Tammy and Jana Shoot Buffalo Gap, you can link to it from my blog tomorrow, or the sidebar.

Heaps of blessings on each of you.
Love, Tammy


Anonymous said...

Your life is so full right excited about your children's decision to be baptized....what a special time for your family. Hope you get to show pics of that on your blog. Blessings to you all, Linda L.

Tammy M. said...

Linda - I will be standing in the water towards the back of the baptistry taking pictures of the baptism. Obnoxious I know, but these pictures belong on my wall, and I want them so bad, more than any other pictures I have ever taken.