March 08, 2007

Graham Pics

When you click the link below be sure and select "graham" from the welcome page, I noticed some people are not going past the front page of the website. Then to see larger images, select "slide show" option and it will enlarge the pics and show them to you one at a time.

Jana and I just had the best time yesterday during our trip to Graham. We visited the whole way there and back, and loved the adventure of the day. I am going to give you a bit of perspective about what a step out of our comfort zones this is...we both don't really like to drive, neither of us are gifted with directions, but I do have to say she is about 100 times better than I am. Jana said yesterday, "We sure have made alot of little circles in the car today." Without Mapquest I am not sure either of us would be up to the task, but thanks to modern technology and our desire to see some new places, it was a go.
We were just a couple of errands short of a flat tire, as Jana called me this morning and said that she was sitting on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck to come and fix a flat tire. Sorry Jana. So here is the link to our website, has a very funky site name as it lives within my .mac site, so you can link to it here or from my side bar. Enjoy the pictures.
Click Here.


Linda L. said...

Loved the pictures...we've been through Graham hundreds of times on our way to Haskell from the Metroplex, and these show the quaint beauty of small town Texas. Great job! Can't wait until your next road trip!

Christy said...


I got to see ALL of the fruits of your day in PERFECT view!!! Yeah! I'm so very, very proud of you and the heart behind what you do.

Love you!

Angela in Abilene said...

Your pictures really tell the story of Graham, TX. They are beautiful! It's a small town that holds a big spot in this Texas heart.

Melene said...

As someone new to Texas, I enjoyed seeing these beautiful photos and more of what Texas has to offer. Thanks for sharing them. Glad you had such a great day.

Erica said...

I love that you and your friend decided to go on a day trip. So fun!! The pictures are beautiful, but yours always are. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Roxanne said...

The photos are great--loved seeing "my ladie's" sign.

Kathleen said...

When we first moved to Hattiesburg from Abilene, Jana was 3 1/2 and most concerned about getting lost. Consequently, we were never lost - we were just circling around. Guess she is still making circles!