March 21, 2007


Tomorrow Wylie Intermediate is going to have their first of several, "Hats for Jack," days. The kids that want to participate just bring $1 to buy a ticket to wear a hat all day at school. The money then will be donated to our family to help with the expenses that go along with all of this medical stuff. Jack is very excited to wear a hat, and he said that he doesn't have to bring a dollar, he asked his teacher, he can wear a hat for free.

This morning a little boy asked Jack, "Are you going to die soon?" and I love Jack's answer..."Not that I am aware of."

Ofcourse tonight when I was lying down with Jack saying prayers and just talking about stuff, because of his conversation with the little boy at his school Jack asked me if he would die from his tumor, I always say that we never know when God will decide to bring us home to heaven. We never know. Then I told him that I thought he would live until he was an old man, he would have his own family, be married, be a grandpa....and he smiled.

This is what I saw in my mind when Jack and I were talking:

There will be a day that Jack will be walking down the aisle to his bride, or holding his newborn child in his arms,...and if I am still alive I will be crying like a baby, because my prayers will have been answered.


Beth said...

Tammy, "Hats for Jack" day was a big success from what I saw this morning while making copies for my kids' teachers. (I even got to "rent" a hat from the front office while I was there!) So glad to have a way for all the kiddos (and teachers, and parents) to show their support for Jack & the Marcelain gang - we love you all! I love & wholeheartedly agree with your vision of Jack as a groom, a daddy, a grandpa...what a wonderful celebration his life will be. God is good!

Sing For Joy said...

My youngest daughter was very excited to wear a hat to school today and she told me during the moment of silence she was going to say a prayer for Jack.

Blessings to you and your family.

Denise W said...

Ok, that made me cry. I hope we are all old mommies and daddies watching Jack, Sophie, Derek, Kenny, Abbie, Ashley, Riley, Cade.... hold their babies. I pray I get to defy you by putting ALL your grandbabies in smocked outfits.

And, yes, I know some of us will be older than other of us. (I'm ready to do a sweet outfit for Zack really soon!)