March 31, 2007

The Sun Came Out Today

Good Sunny Afternoon! The sun came out in Dallas today, the storms have passed on through. It was such a beautiful day that we thought the Ft. Worth Zoo sounded better than a mall. Jack was definately in the mindset he wanted to go somewhere. By the time we got to the zoo Jack was looking a bit pale. He wanted to give it a try, so we wandered for about an hour, and then we came back to the RMH. My cousin Dave and his wife, Karise and their two girls, Keely and Kinlie met us there, so it was great to spend time with them.

Jack is more tired than he thinks. Even sitting in the wheelchair he is struggling for energy and feeling nautious. But each day that should improve. It will probably take him several weeks or more to feel back to normal.

We were all glad to stretch our legs and walk around the zoo on the most perfect weather day we have seen since we can remember and hang out with family.

Keep Jack in your prayers.