February 04, 2008

Birthday's, Jack and Life

Monday morning. The kids are getting ready for school so I thought I would check in. All is going well here, Rob and Derek had a great time together last night watching the superbowl. They have a regular ritual that they go through to get ready for the game. Rob goes to Sam's and buys pizza rolls, chicken wings, several bags of chips and some dips. Then as game time approaches they move the dining room table over to the living room, so they can eat their snack's all the while still watching the t.v. The table is filled with all the goodies, and at intervals Rob puts the pizza rolls and the wings in the oven. They have a great time together. The other 3 of us normally curl up with a movie in my bedroom and hang out while the madness ensues in the living room.

Jack is doing exceptionally well these last couple of days. He had a couple of days last week that he was pretty sick when he woke up so the fact that he has been well for 3 days is reason to celebrate.
Rob told me Dr. Timmerman would start a new tapering process in the next week or so, slower and longer I assume than the last one which took 6 weeks.

Last week Jack was asked to visit the doctorate Physical Therapy class at Hardin Simmons along with several other oncology kids. The class was on their oncology unit. Jack dreaded the visit, but I knew from talking with the professor that he would love it once he got there, so I insisted that we share (I share, Jack hangs out) Jack's story. He left saying, that he had a great time, and that he really liked it there. The students were very sweet to him and really engaged him alot in kid talk, birthdays, playstation, school...
I feel strongly that God can bring good from EVERYTHING, we just have to participate to allow that to happen. Scripture says it and I believe it wholeheartedly. So Jack familiarized the students on what it's like to walk the journey.

Rob's sister and her family along with his aunt and uncle from Missouri are coming to town on Thursday. We are so excited! They are coming to visit and to help celebrate my 40th birthday. I am having a small party on Saturday night. Speaking of birthday's Jack and Sophie turned 9 on Saturday. I will post pictures of them with their cakes later today or tomorrow, I need to pull the images off my camera.

I thought I would have a new slideshow contest up today, but I decided to spend some time giving my website some much needed TLC. I updated pictures and tweaked some pages, added an album page under galleries so designs to flushmount albums can be seen, thanks to Nic and Vanessa and Laura and Justin for having such beautiful weddings that showcase so well, the beach and a museum, how much cooler can it get? I am not quite done, have one more wedding showcase to complete and then I will be finished.

More exciting news on the business front to come soon.

I will let you know when I am going to run the next slideshow contest on bridals.


Michelle said...

happy birthday tammy, jack, and sophie! glad to hear the good report on jack, still praying for the whole marcelain family!

the new pictures are all gorgeous, as usual!