October 23, 2009

Fearless Giveaway!!!

I bought my copy of Fearless a month or two ago, just after it was released. Yesterday, I received a copy in the mail from a conference I had helped out with last month. So what will I do with the second copy? Give it away of course. Max Lucado books are always chock full of great stories and scripture. This book helps us focus on God's plan for our lives, the most common command in scripture: Do Not Fear...280 times I think, going by memory here. How would it feel to embrace the adventure God has put in front of you and not allow fear the final word.


So how do you put your name in the pot for the book?

Who do you know that faces fear with bravery? It could be someone who is alive or who has died. A martyr, or a family member, a founding father, a bible character, political character. Who inspires you?

List a name and it can be that simple or you can tell me about why that person inspires you.


I will select a random winner on Monday morning 10/26/09. Once the winner is selected then I will announce it on my blog and you can email me with your mailing address.


Anonymous said...

The name I would like to leave is Crystal. She is my precious niece who was raped at the beginning of this year. Crystal who was raised in a Christian home and was stricken with the generational curse of alocholism was raped during a drunken binge. She is only 24 yrs old and she doesn't even know who the father is. My heart goes out to her and my brother who was so immersed in financial burdens he wasn't aware of Crystal's problem. It's all come to light now and both he and Crystal have been on their knees. Baby Isabella was born on October 7th and she and Crystal live with my brother and sister in law in San Antonio. So if I'm fortunate to get this Fearless book it will go to them. Becky Spivey

Scott F said...

Sandy. You know her story and she faced (and still does) fears head on with God holding her the whole way!

Amber Joy said...

Daniel. As in Daniel in the Lions Den. Talk about brave.
I would have said you, but seeing as how it's your blog and your giveaway I thought people might think I was brown-nosing too much. ;) But you do, Tammy. You have faced so much fear by standing with your feet planted, staring it in the eyes, as if to say "I double dog dare you to take one step closer."
So did Daniel.

mad4books said...

Lloyd. He visited our church on a bet years ago...and he's never left. He's faithful, he loves Jesus, and he's bold with his testimony; no namby-pamby "light under a bushel" foolishness for Lloyd.

He's faced down addiction, and now he's bravely tackling really serious health problems...the kind that would make other people quake in their shoes.

God bless Lloyd. (God, please heal Lloyd!)

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind my saying this on your own blog, but if I am going to be honest, the person who inspires me with their ability to face fear bravely is YOU. I have watched your story unfold with Jack and am constantly amazed. You have inspired me for years and I am honored and blessed to know you and call you friend.
Jana Beck

Anonymous said...

My husband, who never having identified his weakness as fear, has taken the step out of it and is slowly learning about life without it. - Lori P

Anonymous said...

Jessica. A 10 year old girl who lost her battle with cancer.