October 21, 2009

A Million Miles In A Thousand Years - Book Review

Just finished Donald Miller's newest book, no surprises, I loved it. After reading "Searching For God Knows What" which I loved and have text highlighted throughout from start to finish I just didn't know if his books could get any better. You might be familiar with his first bestseller, Blue Like Jazz. All 3 books have been exceptional.

This book was his easy to read conversational style. Which in some ways is a bit frustrating because when you get to know someone well through their writing you actually feel like you know them, like they should come over to your house and hang out with your family and serve them bread pudding or chilli or something. Maybe a holiday invite or at least a Christmas card. But then you realize that your new friend will not be playing farkle at the dinner table with your loud and fun family and it is like you have lost a friend that you never really had in the first place....like I said, frustrating.

The book was wonderful, and quoting about 10 people who read it before me but told me about it..."inspiring." In this book Donald has shared how it feels to be watching life happen around you but not engaging in it yourself. He talks about how he lived a lot of his life in the movie theatre or in front of the television and living adventure through what was happening on the screen in front of him. When one of his books was chosen to become a movie he becomes friends with the screenwriters, then familiarizes himself on the elements of movie making. Through that process he realizes that he can apply some of the elements to making a good movie to his own personal life and that is what this book is about. He shares with us his journey of facing his fears, reconciling broken relationships, biking across America, kayaking for days...bits of adventure that he has purposefully placed in his life to live and not just be a spectator. Along his journey he helps us define some things in our own lives that can be changed, sparks ideas of making memories with our children, families and friends. The stories of his friends are amazing. This book caused me to look at my life and be mindful of the choices I make, especially in regards to my family. Am I creating a story in our family and in our faith that will cause my children to want to engage in those things, or am I not giving them a story interesting and engaging enough that makes them feel alive, like they are living and serving and helping and loving so they don't go off on a story line that would lead them away from us, because it has adventure.

The quotes were numerous that I highlighted. I put a couple on twitter just to get them somewhere I could look back on. I loved this book. I loved it because it was well written, engaging, funny, tearful, authentic, truthful, and yes, inspiring. Loved this book immensely.