October 18, 2009

Jack and Oreo

The other day I was taking some pictures and when I came home Jack was sitting out front cleaning out the hamster cage. Yes, Oreo is still with us. The posts have been nill on Oreo since we found a cage that is the fortress of all hamster cages. He hasn't snuck out of his cage, nor has he eaten any shower curtains since we found his new home. 4 hamster cages later and we found the one he cannot foil. Although he tries every day to chew his way out, but no go.

Truth be known none of us, except Jack, really enjoy Oreo. But Jack is his champion. Jack has pled his case to stay on more than one occasion when all of us were ready to give him away, or give him his freedom. Jack has taken on full responsibility of Oreo, one of his weekly duties is to hose out the cage, dry it and put new bedding down. Here he is taking care of business.


Becky K said...

Sweet Jack. What a good boy.

mad4books said...

Amen! A righteous man has compassion for animals...and Jack is clearly a Righteous Man.

Leah said...

Way to go Jack!