October 29, 2009

Tech Tip, Thanksgiving Blessings, Christmas Savings.

Thursday morning. Computer work this week. Two weddings in a row keeps me busy for weeks on my computer. I found out this week that I can register for classes at ACU Nov. 10th, so excited about that. What else is going on with us? Derek's last football game is Tuesday at home. He has loved football, he will try out for basketball next week I think. He hasn't really played alot of basketball, but I am glad he is trying out for the team.


The Friday morning woman's bible study will finish up in the next couple of weeks. This study has been wonderful, it is called Return to the Garden by Kay Arthur. Most of us in the class had no real biblical specifics of how important our s*xuality is to God. It brings new and truthful light to s*xuality, it is the polar opposite of what is around us in the world. I recommend this study to every woman, high school age and above. I will adapt this study for my kids and will spend time in the word this coming summertime going over God's perspective about s*xuality. Rob and I do talk to our kids about s*x, but this study will allow us to arm them with the Sword of the Spirit, not just our own opinions and information.


My Tech Tip for the Decade:
Do you have an iphone? Did you know that you are safer from being hacked when you are on the 3G network verses wi-fi. I heard this a while ago and turned off my wi-fi.


The Thanksgiving thanksgiving. I know some families who go around the table and share what they are thankful for each Thanksgiving. Coffee Group travelled to speak at a ladies retreat a month or so ago, and that group of women had a great activity in the evening. They shared why they were thankful for the person sitting next to them. It was a sweet time of blessing. If they didn't know the person sitting next to them, then someone else spoke about them. As I was pondering what we could do differently this year for our Thanksgiving I thought that activity might be a great one to include.


Holidays are right around the corner. If you have a techy person in your family (aren't we all techy people now?) then a great website to subscribe to is buy.com . They will give you weekly updates on some great buys from t.v.'s to camera's, hard drives to flash drives, gps systems....some of the items are overstocked, some are refurbished, there are great deals to be had. I bought a digital photo frame which are normally quite expensive earlier this year, regular price it was over $100, I bought it for $29.99, I bought a flash drive last year for a great deal. Yesterday I saw that they had a PC Laptop for $299.99.


Caryn said...

It was good to read your this-and-that update! And, I wanted to say, once again, how SUPER excited I am about you registering for classes! You will be such a blessing in that setting- the wisdom you will share will be a huge encouragement to the other students and the professors.