October 03, 2009

What Difference Do It Make?

Just finished reading What Difference Do It Make? Great book. This book is a follow up to Same Kind of Different As Me written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, which is my most favorite book I have ever read. There are so many reasons I love Same Kind, but one of them is that God is weaving an incredible tapestry of His love for His people, and this book shows that the ripple of one Miss Debbie has changed thousands of lives, not least of all her husband Ron and Denver. But this isn't a review of Same Kind, it is a review of What Difference. This book brings light to what has happened since people read the first book, lives changed, stories of a little girl that collected money for the homeless to grown ups making a difference. This book has some more Denver wisdom in it. I love that Denver has such clarity about our callings as Christians. He doesn't let anything materialistic or selfishness come between what he believes is his duty to share the love of Christ with others. He says it straight. He comments that after reading the book Same Kind that many people have "felt led by God" to help the homeless and less fortunate, and that is all well and good, but that he doesn't think we need to wait on "a calling" to help those that are needy, scripture clearly states that what we do for the least of these is like serving Christ himself, and what will those who have never helped the needy say when they are in front of the Lord on judgement day? I didn't feel led to help the needy. When Denver speaks truths like this he comes at it from such a perspective that makes me feel inspired and not belittled. This book gives a first account detail by Ron on the journey of forgiveness for his own father, not an easy journey but one well worth it. I loved this book as a follow up, I probably wouldn't recommend reading it unless you had read the first, although they tell you in the beginning that there are certain snippets of info given to fill you in a bit on the story along the way. The first book is so rich in every way I wouldn't want a person to miss reading it....but if you have read it, this is a great book with the rest of the story.

In our town of Abilene I know that many people have been blessed and moved out of their own comfort zones after reading Same Kind. In fact I am taking pictures of a wedding in a couple of weeks for an amazing bride and groom. After reading Same Kind this bride and her future husband have given up their careers and are attending missionary school to be equipped to share the love of Christ as a vocation. I am thankful to know them and see how God is using them now and will use them in the future to share His love among His people.

Last year Ron and Denver came to Abilene Christian University to speak and I was SO blessed to take some pictures of them while they were sharing their story.
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