Glorious Mercies of Prayer and Sprinkles (or spit)

Here I am, all the kids are in bed, or on the way. The first day of school was a complete success. Derek, Jack and Sophie all had a great first day. The only minor mixup was the bus schedule, when perusing the bus schedule at Meet The Teacher Night, I was a little confused in the mass hysteria of parents, and picked the wrong bus for the kids to take home. I called the bus barn this afternoon to double check because I had an inkling that something was not right. I was able to get the correct information to the kids long before school was out, so they all made it on the correct bus and arrived safely and happily home at 4:10.
Derek started his 3rd week of football practice and I believe he is feeling excellent about participating in football. We said several prayers on the way to football practice that he would have a great night, and God gave him just what he needed to enjoy it. I prayed with him at Skinny's in our van after I bought my water. He prayed again before we were even out of the parking lot. Then as we were driving up to practice Derek asked if we could say one more prayer. We took it to the Lord and he blessed Derek. The night was cool, yes I said cool, it was a bit sprinkly or my Australian family would say, "it spit on us off and on all night." We all just enjoyed the weather. Derek ran hard, and did a great job. Praise God for His tender mercies.
The major excitement at the practice field was the dead bird, just waiting to be spied by one of the many younger brothers that run around while their big brothers are practicing. At first they just stood there looking at it, then they started chucking rocks and sticks at it, then they decided that they needed to kick it out into the street. It was like an hour of fun that no toy could provide. The leader of the 3 and 4 year old pack is this very cute little blonde kid. He has so much energy he just runs circles the whole night. He wears his Texas A&M jersey, with shoulder pads and a helmet. He is ready to hit the field when he is old enough.
Everybody had a great day, I hope yours was too!


Sarah said…
Isn't it awesome to worship a God that blesses brain tumors and football practices alike? Love it, love it!
Send that rain our way! I'll even take spit! What a sweet post! Your little (okay, big) guy sounds like he's so tenderhearted.

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