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Linda Egle who founded the Eternal Threads Ministry, which is one of my favorite things, sent this email to me and others, I thought I would post it for you to read, you never know how God will work. Pass the info on to your church, or write a check if you can, if you can't will you pray for God's glory to be shone in this situation.
There has been widespread flooding in the area where, Johnson Medidi, and the other preachers live who distributed the aid to victims of the tsunami. It is the villages and churches in their areas that have now been affected by this flooding. As many as 350 villages and 20 Churches of Christ were flooded as well as all their members homes. The preachers have been doing what aid they can with their own resources as you will see from the attached photos, but as you can imagine their resources both financial and material (blankets, food, etc.) are limited and have already been exhausted.
***I am attaching communications from preachers below......

Healing Hands, Abilene, is now Global Samaritan Resources. They can immediately distribute funds to Johnson, but unfortunately do not have funds in reserve for this need since they have recently gone through an organizational change. Randy Uthe who went to India with me and supervised the distribution of tsunami relief funds in this area, will be overseeing this project and I assure you that all funds sent through Global Samaritan will be distributed by Johnson and the other preachers for the needs of the Christians there. Randy and I will also be giving you full updates of the relief and Johnson Medidi will be coming to the U.S. on August 25th at which time he can give a full report to Global Samaritan in Abilene.

If you or anyone you might know could help in even a small way, it is so important that we take care of our brothers and sisters at this time. Thank you so much. Please send any donations to:
Global Samaritan Resources
101 Walnut
Abilene, TX 79601


Linda Egle
Eternal Threads

Flood Situation worsens in East Godavari and west Godavari

It is the High emergency information for your kind consideration and prayers. You may watch the news about the tragic flood situation in our districts of Andhra pradesh. Many villages and Churches effected by the flood disaster. Many Christian & Non- Christian families of communities, and preachers in some villages are suffering and threatening for the present situation, I communicate with Bro. Johnson Medidi

Situation: - More than 181 villages are dipped in the
flood water in East Godavari & More then 40 villages in west Godavari Districts. Total – more than 231 villages effected very badly. Water prevailing on the villages due the cause the of the River’s Bund breaches. The situation at present worsens, people are suffering for the food, water, shelter and medication. Acceding to today’s new more then 2laks (thousand) shafted,, Governments are unable to help the majority of families, these are looking for the help many people have no food, water and medication since 4 days. Many people remained on the top of the houses, and trees. A team of fishermen who got the boats in Tsunami relief are working along with some brethren what they can to save some people who remained in the flood-effected villages. I visited many victims along with press-reporters & had men of the villages where I got the possibility to go by boat. Number of the villages lost the communicatio ns.

Loss: -
1. Thousands of families lost every thing except their lives & everything washed away. It can not be estimate at present. In Tsunami mostly the fishermen community affected, in this disaster many communities many families in down villages,congregations, and prayer sheds badly affected
2.. 20 preachers and their congregation effected & 5 Prayer Sheds were washed away in West Godavari.
3. 29 preachers and 23 congregation effected. 9 Prayer Sheds were washed away along with number of the poor huts in East Godavari.

High emergency Need:- I request your kind consideration to do some emergency relief of food, drinking water, and medication if it will be possible temporary shelters. Medical care will be essential to eradicate the viral decease, and keep the victims healthy

Dear Bro. Randy please pray for the present
situation, our God is Almighty, we trust He can take care of our fellow brethren and communities, our local congregation at Karakkayapeta doing what we can for comfort the victims, and serving what we can. Please pray and do what you can through Bro. Johnson to take care of our fellow brethren and suffering people in the badly affected villages. We are grateful and thankful to you for your love, care and concentration on us. Surely your prayers are with us. Please give our hearty greetings to Bro. Ed Enzor and other Brethren.


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