August 31, 2006

Technilogical Tornado Alert!! Warning, Warning

I have been trying to come up with a creative post or story for today. I am afraid that my creative thoughts have been overrun by forcing technical information into my brain. I took a right and left brained test on Sarah's blog a couple of days ago. I do realize that these blog quiz's are really just for fun, but on my test my creative side so overwhelms the technical side it made me realize just why I can't program the VCR. I have switched my photography business from film based to digital. I am so excited, I am thrilled! The only downside: My brain hurts, everyone says there is a learning curve to contend with. After the initial tidal wave of information sinks in, takes hold, and becomes second nature my brain will be so relieved. I think that my brain is actually swollen from overuse. I have also been working through a new website for my business. My cousin Michael, who is a computer programmer, has been awesome to help. Thanks Michael - I know you are filled by the fruit of the Spirit, because not once have you ripped the hair out of my head, or sent ugly words in my direction. At some point I will have a new business website, once I get my ducks in a row.
Rob's dad is coming in for a quick visit today through Saturday. We love when he visits. The kids all figured out where they would be today if Grandpa arrives on schedule. Jack will be in music, Derek at recess, and Sophie in her classroom. I am looking forward to 1 and a 1/2 days of no technological tornados in my brain. Just fun.