What are you doing after this?

Good Thursday morning. It is so nice and cool outside. I opened my windows for the first time in months to let the fresh air in. Ah, the smell of fall. I should enjoy that fallish scent until about 7:45 am when the heat of summer takes over.
Jack has a port flush today so we will get to see our chemo friends at Dr. Hirsch's office, if there is anyone still there after school time.
School is going great. The first week of school is always extra fun because the kids don't bring home any (or very little) homework. The kids are enjoying their teachers and friends.
Jack has asked each morning this week, do we not have a day off of school yet? He was ready for the weekend on Tuesday. Jack is always about 3-5 days ahead in his planning. The inside of his brain is a well developed calendar system and he is always looking to the next event. "What are we doing after this?" Is one of his most asked questions. We could be at a pizza place with games and bumper cars and he will stand in the middle of kiddie heaven madness and say, "what are we doing after this."
There are so many lessons to be learned in that one question. For me the lesson was driven home when Jack was diagnosed with the tumor, each moment is a blessing, don't take one for granted. But it also makes me think of the gift of eternal life. As believers in Christ we know just what we are going to do after this life is over. And that is what we put our hope in. There is so much in the news just today that I am listening to in the background, Jon Benet's murderer was finally found, the suffering of John and Patsy Ramsey having to tell the press and police over and over they did not kill their daughter, the 9/11 remembrances have started, it makes my heart ache. But that is not where my mind has to stay,... "What are we going to do after this." Thankfully praising in Heaven with angels, no pain, no tears, that is what I am going to do after this.
"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." John 11:25


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