August 21, 2006

Jack's Wheel Moving Obsession

(moving wheel - what you do if you get into trouble in class)

Jack: Every morning at school when we have our moment of silence I say a little prayer.
Mom: I am so glad, what do you pray about?
Jack: I pray I wont move my wheel.

Last night when Jack was going to sleep he asked me, and not for the first time, what would happen if he had to move his wheel at school. I told Jack that we all make mistakes and that we just need to learn from them and not do it again.

Jack reads 20 minutes each day after school and today his selection of reading: The Bible.

I remember when Jack was in kindergarten his best friend, was Aaron S. Jack made Aaron a Christmas card that said he was glad that Aaron had never had to move his wheel, so they could be friends.

I definately need to continue sharing the benefits of grace to Jack as I don't think it comes natural to him. Jack makes me laugh. What a precious little punkin'. Keep praying Jack.