August 08, 2006

Mammoth Boy

Rob and Derek just left for football practice. Last night Derek got an A+ from the line coach. He worked hard, took some hard hits, hit others, all in all he thought he did a great job.

Conversation overheard at practice last night from Mammoth Boy to his mother:
Mammoth Boy: When are they gonna let us hit all out? This is stupid, the other players just need to figure it out, and get used to it.
Mother says: They need to teach the basics, mammoth son, then you can hit hard.

In my mind I am thinking that if mammoth boy were on a field with players 3 times his size he might not be so excited about hitting so hard. This kid is huge.
Mammoth Boy is a good player to be on your team come game day, each and every day in between he could be the bain of your existance, or should I say my existance.