December 27, 2006

Goodbye Rocky

Movie Time Review
A Night At The Museum - We went and saw this movie a couple of days ago. All of us except for Sophie really enjoyed this movie, we laughed and laughed. Our favorite people were the little dudes, Jeremiah and Octavious. They did a good job with this movie, it is fast action and I would say slightly scary but none of my kids even commented on the fright factor which means to me that it was pretty kid friendly. Mickey Rooney is pretty funny.
Sophie takes it as a personal affront in a movie if there are no main roles with girls or women and they really need to have long flowing curls and wear princess gowns to really be a quality movie as far as she is concerned. The Indian Scout Sakagawea was the only redeeming factor as far as she was concerned.

Rocky Balboa - We are big Rocky fans at our house. Our boys watched the first 3 this year and when the new one was due out at the movies we were all excited to go and see it. Will this movie be the sleeper hit of the year - probably not. Will it win an award for best dialogue - probably not again. Did it steal my heart and make me fall in love with Rocky Balboa like never before - ABSOLUTELY! This was a wonderful movie about love, family, integrity, self respect and so much more. Sly Stallone said that he had a hard time writing and acting in this movie because he knew it was Rocky's goodbye, and I cried along with him at the end of the movie. Rocky is the neighbor you wish you had and the friend that if you were so lucky to have by your side you would be rich. The boys, Rob, and I loved it. Sophie with the exception of one outburst that she was bored was sucked in and by the end said she really liked it alot. As Rocky laid beautiful roses on Adriane's grave at the end of the movie and waved goodbye, it was like a beloved character was waving goodbye at us. I just wanted to scream out, don't go, make another comeback, but I think we all knew that it was best Rocky say goodbye when we were wanting more. Goodbye Rocky Balboa - may your inspiration to reach goals that are so high that they can't even be seen, keep driving us to reach higher than we ever thought we could.

I think we are going to try and see Charlotte's Web next - has anyone seen it yet? If so what did you think of it?


Denise W said...

Of course yall have already seen "A Night." I'm planning on taking the kids next week and wondered if yall would want to go. Ah, well.

I'm hoping to get babysitting some night so we can see some girly (Holiday?) together.

Anna said...

I am so glad to read your reviews of these 2 movies. We have all wanted to see both of them, just have not had the opportunity yet. Kirk is a die hard Rocky fan, so he is chomping at the bits to see it. The museum one looks awesome too...we will definately go see them both. As far as Charlotte's Web...haven't seen it yet. Cameron wants to, but again..just haven't had a chance!

judy said...

We have seen We are Marshall ,Eragon, and Persuit of Happyness lately. We enjoyed all of them. The later would not really interest younger children but Cade (12) liked it a lot.We watched Invinsible on dvd. It was really good,too.