December 29, 2006

Night Out

Friday morning. Christmas vacation is about half over and time is flying by. Derek turns 10 on Sunday and we will celebrating his birthday at the Dallas Cowboys game. Then home to see the New Year in. 2007 is just around the corner.
Last night I went to dinner and to a movie with 2 good friends, Denise and Judy. We had a great time. We went and saw Dreamgirls which we all really liked. Denise cried like a baby several times and Judy and I weren't quite sure why, apparently there were some emotional moments that slipped by us, but Denise, she got her money's worth. It was a great movie and I am glad to have seen it.
My favorite quote from last night, as we were walking out of Johnny Carino's we had to walk through quite a crowd waiting for a table, and I commented that had we known there were people waiting that we could have left sooner to free up a table. So then Judy and Denise, say "Tammy is so nice, yea I bet we could be mean to her and she would still be nice to us." And for the record I told them that yes, I would!
We had a blast together and I am glad that I have such wonderful friends.
The kids and I have had alot of fun this week, today on the checklist is laundry, laundry and laundry.
Have a great weekend!


Denise W said...

It was so wonderful! How could you heartless people not cry??!! Jennifer singing "One Night Only??!!" That made me want to stand up and cheer (with tears streaming down my face.) Then when Jamie Foxx sees Magic and the girls are singing??!!


judy said...

It was a good movie but the best part was being together. What a great evening!