December 20, 2006

Holiday Plans

Winter is in Abilene this week. It is cold and rainy. Isn't it amazing after a couple hours of rain how dead brown grass can turn green.
I don't normally post current events on my site, but the 2 men who are missing in the mountains of Oregan's Mt. Hood have brought me to praying for a miracle. Maybe because of the man who lost his life last week while setting out to find help for his family had me already thinking about being stranded in the snow. I pray the men are found alive. Keep praying for the men and comfort for their families, I can't even imagine their states of mind.
Jack and I have a party at the cancer center today with all of his chemo friends. It should be fun.
Every day is a gift, what a blessing!
2 more days and the kids are out of school, I am so excited and I am so looking forward to spending time with my kiddo's. I have decided that the first day we have off we will set a schedule and post it so the kids know what we are doing each day. I would love to just wake up and see what the day brings but that is not how Jack is wired, and normally by the time I am putting on coffee in the morning Jack is asking me what we are doing that day, what can he do, and that he is already bored. I am pulling down the board games, got a couple new movies and have some ideas up my sleeve to keep our holiday low key but with splatterings of fun along the way. I think that with some pre-planning we should all be happy.
Someone told me that shrinky dinks are being stocked at the stores again, I think that will be one afternoon of fun, I remember making shrinky dinks when I was little and I thought it was about the coolest thing ever.
Any big plans out there?


Amber Joy said...

Your holiday sounds fun. I will be on call this 3-day weekend, so let's pray for everyone's well-being this holiday. No broken hips, no heart attacks, no inflamed gall bladders. You hear this, Abilene?! Nobody is allowed to get sick. It's Christmas!

But if the time allows, I'm sure the Carroll clan will be settling to a game of hand and foot with egg nog, "Elf," and "White Christmas." Can't wait.

Anna said...

No big plans here. Just going to enjoy the time off together...and probably stick some fun stuff in there too! I just look forward to getting to SLEEP IN!! Lets hope my children have the same idea. =)

Anna said...

Hey I gave Denise the money I owed you don't let her forget to give it to you! =) hehe

Denise W said...

I'm looking for something to keep them entertained - pass on all ideas!