December 12, 2006

Potpourri of Christmas thoughts.

I love Christmas time! I started shopping a bit this week for Christmas and am trying to decide if I am going to wrap the presents as I get them and put them under the tree, or wait until Christmas eve and put them all out. Does anyone have any feelings on this. Storage is always an issue for me.

I just finished making the teacher gifts for the kids to take to school. I had seen on the Today show several months ago how to make a purse from a scarf. When I went to Sam Moon a couple of months ago with some of my girlfriends I bought some scarfs with this project in mind for teacher gifts. In each purse I would put a Starbucks card ($5), a homemade cinnamon ornament made by my kids, and some candy. I chose the cherry cordial kisses to be the sweet treat!

Jack has a port flush tomorrow, it is always fun to see the staff at the oncology office.

I need to sit down and finish addressing my Christmas Cards. I am having a hard time staying still long enough to do that. That is on my list for today.

I am grateful for all of my friends and family. This morning I was sitting next to Jack on the couch waiting for the bus to come. Every moment is sweet with him. Every moment with each of my children is sweet. These quiet moments are times to savor. At the end of the day my favorite memories are the gentle, soft, quiet moments with my children. I want to lodge those memories in a permanent bank in my head.

I always remember the words by Mary the mother of Jesus, loosely quoted, she stores up memories like treasures in her heart. I know that our lives never stay the same, and Lord willing our children will grow up and spread their wings, and start their own families...

If you haven't seen The Nativity - go see it. It is wonderfully made and was heart felt and touching. I didn't cry too much during the movie, but the next morning we were at church, we sang some Christmas songs about the birth of Jesus, and that is when the tears started to fall. Thank you Jesus for becoming flesh, being born of Mary, a sweet baby boy.


Anna said...

I always wait to put out all of our presents Chrismtas Eve night. The kids go to bed w/ nothing there..and wake up with presents EVERYWHERE! I just love to see the excitement in their eyes!

I also love those quiet, precious moments with my children. Another one of my favorite times with them is when they are just about to fall asleep. There is nothing more angelic than that. I hope I will always remember what that was like with my kids.

Haven't seen the nativity story yet, but hope to soon! Thanks for the review! =) Oh, and I forgot to give Denise your picture money today...SORRY! I promise I will get that to you ASAP!