December 08, 2006

Yo-Yo Santa

Jack brought home a letter to Santa Clause yesterday. This was the first couple of sentences:
Yo-Yo Santa Clause, Jack here, how are you? How is Mrs. Clause? Did she have a baby this year?
I think he was in sentence 8 or 9 before he listed a toy he wanted.

Rob's dad is here visiting this weekend. We have alot of fun stuff ahead of us!

I am thankful for all of my good friends. Sometimes I can get a bit overwhelmed by my little view of the world, all it takes is to step out and insert some work or prayer in someone elses life and the peace of heart steps in. One of my very good friends always says that when she gets down she starts to look out to others and see where she can help. I am not down, just a bit busy, and looking out to others blesses the "looker" ten times more than it blesses the "lookee" We are made to serve others and not be so self centered, when those moments are offered for us by God to grab on to, which I am sure is more than I realize it is like the world makes sense. All is right.

This season, Reach out and Help Someone, whether it be through cleaning their house, praying with them, washing their car, fixing a meal,... take time to give of yourself. And you will be touched and your giving will never come back empty even if the givee never knows it is you, God will be touched and it will make Him smile.


Nicole said...

I think that this is an awesome thing to do this season. It always gets me out of a funk when I am thinking of doing things for others. AND I think that our children can learn major lessons from it.

It is hard to imagine Jack WRITING a letter, much less such a CUTE one. Tell him hi for me!

Sarah said...

Let's go to a Jesus party! YAY! Can't wait!

holly said...

I just signed up to help Ally's teacher at school and then wishing I hadn't. You alway help me remember what's really important. Thank you...I really mean that

Anne Jones said...

Hey! My shoulder is ready for the tapping!

Hope your "busi-ness" is full of joy and blessings!

Denise W. said...

You are the BEST friend, ever!

Richard Beck said...

Or maybe you could make a Christmas card for your friend.

Hmmm...I wonder who would ever do such a thing?

Anna said...

What a great thing to keep in mind...especially in this crazy time of year! I am going to be looking for ways that I can put this to use. =)

Jacks letter was hilarious!

Anna said...

Oh, and the pictures turned out AWESOME! I've pulled them out of the package to look at several times since we've been home from church! I can't wait to get them put up!