December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

For all of those who will be away from your computers until next week! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Please keep Jack's January 17th visit to the Dallas Children's where he will have his next MRI. His last MRI showed a 2mm growth on the tumor, if the next MRI confirms that he will start a new chemo. An MRI has a margin of error of 2mm, so we could just go and find out that the tumor has stayed the same since he finished up chemo 5 months (yes! 5 months) ago. When we were at the Christmas Party for the chemo kids a couple of days ago, it hurt my heart to see the new kids that we have never met before. All the kids Jack went through chemo with are looking pretty good, all except one little girl, she looked very pale and thin, the new kids are all in the midst of it, and have a rough road ahead.
I would love for Jack to be done with all of that, but I know that we will do what we have to do. I am praying for Jack's tumor to go away, or be gone, or to never grow again, and then pray for continued strength to deal with whatever comes up.
I have learned alot of lessons this year and maybe the most important one is "Let go and let God," specifically when it comes to my children. It was a hard lesson to learn with my children, but God's will be done, and He will always be my God and I His child. And may His light shine bright from my heart for all the rest of my days.


Amber Joy said...

Tammy, I can't begin to pretend to know what you are going through with your dear son, Jack. But know that I - and my precious Aunt Laura in Denton - are praying for you guys. You have been a pillar of strength and have changed many lives in the midst of your own life changes. And I just LOVE YOU!!!

Anna said...

Jack will be in our thoughts & prayers. I, too, cannot begin to understand what this must be like for you. Your blog always inspires me, your words are just so uplifting & you are always so positive. I tend to be negative alot, and it is something I always try to work on. Your blog always gives me a new outlook on things. =)

jessica said...

Merry Christmas! Hope ya'll have a wonderful day! We will continue lifting Jack up!