December 01, 2006

The Most Fun Snow Day

Yesterday morning started with watching the scrolling words across the bottom of the tv screen. School starts at 10am. I made breakfast and to celebrate the extra couple of hours hot chocolate. Then came the call from Elaine, did you hear that school is cancelled today....SNOW DAY!
More hot chocolate, the video Santa Clause is Coming to Town. Ahh, warm and toasty.
I finished up the tile picture project you see above.
Then a trip to Walmart, one of my least favorite places, but as we were down to a half a roll of tp it became a necessity, and I needed a new printer cartidge, along with craft ingredients, and to make a bank deposit. Where else can one go when the roads are a bit snowy and icy for one stop shopping. I am not sure I have ever been so glad for Walmart.
Grocery shopping done, lunch time, then we made the cute cinnamon ornaments you saw above. The kids, Rob and I cut them out and baked them then decorated them. That was so much fun and our house smells like cinnamon.
We went and saw Santa Clause 3
Made homemade chilli and extra yummy cornbread and our day was complete.
Somewhere in there the kids played outside in the snow several times and came in with little red noses and cheeks.
We had the best day ever.


Cathy Messecar said...

It's cold here, but no snow. My niece in Abilene phoned to give report of ACU cancellantions.

Your day sounds divine! I remember when the schools would close and daddy would be home and the good memories just piled up...Cathy

Sarah said...

Wasn't it fabulous?

Lisa said...

Our day was great too!! We played with our new puppy. she loved the snow. The kids were outside almost all day, with cups of hot chocolate sprinkled in to warm their fingers and tummies. A true holiday!