December 19, 2006

The Monkey Called Flax

This was the discussion in our kitchen last night. I am standing by my little vitamin shelf and shaking out my daily supplements, which consist of vitaman c, flax seed oil capsules, and a multi vitamin. Derek says to me, "You know mom, people can get addicted to dr*gs that aren't even real dr*gs, like medicines you can take for colds." and I said, you are right Derek, and then I say but these are vitamins.... and leave it there, waiting for his response which I know is coming because he pretty much knows everything. Well those vitamins are just like medicines, maybe you shouldn't take them all the time. I calmly in my most unassuming voice say, "Derek, these vitamins are to keep me healthy, there is nothing bad about them." I guess he hears the strain in my voice and doesn't say anything else, but I can see the pained look on his face, like he has a mother who has given in to the monkey called flax seed oil.

I will say this about the D.A.R.E. program, it certainly works and has turned my kids into the house police. First it was my occassional glass of wine, like once every 3 months occassional, and now it is my vitamins. I have for the most part given up the wine, one - because I don't want my kids to be thinking that their mothers 6oz of wine on a special occassion will send me to the Serenity House, and because it is now disrupting my sleep patterns, (I am getting older - 14 months till I am 40 you know), but I refuse to give up my flax seed oil, vitamin c's and my daily multi vitamin. I draw the line on the influence of the D.A.R.E. program in my house when it starts infringing on my freedom of vitamins. What is my house coming to I ask? I have the mini D.A.R.E. patrol who sleep down the hall from me, is nothing personal or sacred, least of all my vitamin intake?!

I am all for Vitamin Freedom, I am ready to wave my banner high!


Sarah said...

I do love that now that Ashley has seen the film "The horrors of tobacco use" or something like that she is repulsed beyond belief. Absolutely, DARE needs to be sure they use vitamins as an exception. How 'bout, "You know, mini-DARE people, SOME people take drugs to stay ALIVE!" It's true. A hard balance, I'm sure!