January 10, 2008

Jack and One More Day for your Portrait Vote!

Thursday afternoon. Just over 24 hours to get out your vote on your favorite Family Portrait if you haven't done so yet! I will post the winner sometime after midnight early Saturday morning. It has been alot of fun. Be looking to vote again on my favorite 2007 Wedding Images on Monday. I decided to just do wedding day images and not include engagement and bridals. I might do two more slideshows and contests for each of those, that's two more chances to win a gift card! And 2 more 16x20's for my clients, and many very fun images for all to view.

Jack is still having trouble with nausea every morning. The steroid taper is taking a toll on his system and he is suffering from atrophy. No idea what that really means, but he is getting sick every morning, and that is what it means to me. Please pray for him to come through this quickly.

Have a super day!