January 05, 2008

My Most Favorite Shoes....Ever!!!

Thanks to Beth Moore's
post about her cha-cha shoes at Payless I ran in with my boys yesterday after getting Derek's hair cut at the shop right next door. So I went in to Payless for 2 purposes, one I am about to turn 40 years old in just over a month and even though I am not in the midst of crisis over it, I do feel like I need to get some cha-cha shoes of my own to remind myself that 40 is not over the hill. I basically swore off heels once I became pregnant with Derek and have never looked back...until now. So Rob and I were going out for a date last night and I thought that I would just look to see if there was anything I could possibly wear without breaking an ankle. I found these, wedges, I believe they are called. They looked cute with the jeans and sparkly shirt I wore on our date last night.

But...I also found these. My most favorite pair of shoes ever! My daughter who is 8 owns a pair of silver glittery flats that I have (embarassingly so) been coveting for the last 2 months. Every time she wore them, I would say to myself, and have actually said allowed to others, "I wish those came in my size." Well low and behold if there weren't some very shiny and glittery shoes at Payless that called out to me from their box. They actually said my name, and I listened and called back to them, "Here I am, I know you were waiting just for me to find you, and finally we have met." I wore them today and looked at them atleast 100 times, and they made me so happy just glistening back.


Amber Joy said...

Too cute! But YOU are even cuter!

Anonymous said...

I think I am off to Payless. I hope they have them here too.


Eric said...

Shoes are the way to a ladies heart I have learned over the years Love Eric & Donna