September 11, 2008

Brendon is in Glory

Sweet Brendon Coates passed away yesterday morning. His mom was holding him in her arms, he was peaceful and just drifted away. I am sure that the Lord had some mighty angels to escort his spirit to heaven. Brendon has no more pain, he has no more brain tumor, he is with Jesus. The hard part is that his family is here on earth missing his sweet smile and the softness of his tender hands, his precious toes.... His smile was contagious and his outlook on life full of joy. The legacy that a 5 year old boy left behind was one of optimism, kindness and strength. I covet your prayers for his mom Allison and her husband Tony, and Tony's 5 year old daughter named Amelia. Tony and Alison were just married 2 months ago. Tony stepped into a tough situation and stood by Alison's side each step of the way.

The visitation will be at Elliott Hamil downtown Abilene from 6-8pm Friday night.
The memorial service will be at St. Paul's United Methodist Church 2pm Saturday.

Yesterday was such a tough day. It was grey outside, rained almost all day long. I had so much to prepare for to get ready for Artwalk today, but it seemed so trivial. I tried to work for an hour or two but nothing really was going right, pictures were falling, I would set something down and then forget where I put it. So I left work and drove over to Ally's house, there was a sign on the door, they were resting. The quietness that surrounds a person's passing, the whispers of the visitors, the reverence of the last place that one takes their last breath. That is just what I thought when I was in front of their home. It reminded me of the quiet that surrounded my mom when she passed away at home in her bed with her children and hospice by her side. Those last moments were precious to me, maybe some of the very most precious moments in my life, maybe even the most precious. It is a place where holy could be felt by all who walk on that hallowed ground, a place where one's spirit transfers from earth to heaven in the blink of an eye.

I went back up to my office and worked for the rest of the afternoon. Still thinking about Brendon and Alison. Last night I went to evening services at my church. Each song we sang all I could do was lift my hands and sing aloud to the God of compassion, the God who loves, the God who heals broken hearts, and I sang with my whole heart knowing that I could cry out to Him and He would fill those sad and empty places, and He did.

Brendon is complete and whole.

Father God, please cover Brendon's family in Your presence. Please soothe their hearts, in their grief be their touchstone. In scripture it says, "Where does my help come from, my help comes from the Lord the Maker of Heaven and Earth," You are their help, You are their hope. I pray that you will touch the hearts that can be your physical touch on earth to minister to this precious family.

Here is the link to the write up in the Abilene Reporter News:
The write up is beautiful and represents all that Brendon was on earth so very well.


Susan said...

I will lift this precious family up to the Father. I'm sorry I missed Artwalk.

Dee Andrews said...

My heart goes out to Brendon's family and to yours, too, Tammy.

My prayers, too.