September 02, 2008

My One Thing From Class

Tuesday morning. Bright and early, actually it is not bright yet, but definately early. I thoroughly enjoyed my first day of school yesterday. Ofcouse it is just one class and I am auditing it, not going for a grade, but that fact saved me about $1800 and a gazillion hours of homework = priceless. The class is called Christian Spiritual Formation.
I thought that it would fun for me to make Tuesdays my "One Favorite Thing I Learned In Class Day." As long as I don't forget to do it that is, hence another reason I am glad I am not takings tests or writing long papers.
So my favorite thing I learned in class yesterday:

Many times our spiritual formation develops spontaneously rather than deliberately.
My definition of this is that on the day you find out your child has a brain tumor your life changes in an instant, each day is truly the gift it was intended, the busyness of life is boiled down to what is really important, the power of the Holy Spirit becomes very real, the power of prayer and ability to call on God who is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week comforting and empowering. These blessings came off the page of scripture and found life in me like they had never done before - spontaneously in the course of a 7 word sentence.


I loved this blog post about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter who was just announced formally to be with child out of wedlock. As true to my past blogging ability, if you click on this link it will take you to the main blog, the name of the post is "Sarah Palin, rut-roh" one day maybe one of my friends will take pity on me and tell me how to link to one particular post and have it actually work. Till then...


Heads up to all you Abilene or close to Abilene readers...Marcelain Photography is the featured artist for Artwalk in the Cockerell Building for September. Artwalk takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month, this month it is Thursday, September 11. 6-8pm. There are so many galleries of art to look at besides my work, so it will be a night full of many different artistic talents. Please come by and see all the new images I will have hanging and say hello.
1133 N. 2nd St., Abilene, TX (corner of Cypress and N. 2nd) I am in suite #203.


SaraMelene said...

Tammy-when you want to link to a specific post you can do two things that I know of. One is to click on the name of the blog post and it should take you to only that post and any comments that have been left. It will have a slightly different web address. On some blogs, down at the bottom of the post is a link called "permalink." Click on that and it will take to the same thing I mentioned above. Hope that helps!

I love your blog, no matter how you link. I forgot to tell you in San Antonio that I had read "Same kind of Different as Me." Such an amazing book. I wish I could hear the authors next week at ACU, but we have a big women's event at our church that night and I just can't miss it.

Tammy M. said...

Thanks Melene,
I have tried posting the address by clicking on the blog post, but when I use that address, it links to "blogger" but with an error message saying that it is not a correct address...can't find the blog.