September 26, 2008

Pockets, Celebration and Transformation

It is Friday morning, dark thirty. The kids are still asleep for about another 20 minutes until it is time for me to wake them from their slumber. I just finished my morning Bible study, our ladies class is doing the study, Power of a Praying Woman. I am so excited about it, God has certainly been calling me to a more intimate prayer life and I know if I will seek Him on that He will be so glad to bless me with it. Everywhere I go, each way I turn I hear the words be still, silence, meditation, from friends, preachers, mentors, is changing the way I pray, it is changing the way I prioritize. When I was writing in my study guide today what would I change today to be closer to God I was thinking about silence and waiting upon the Lord. The words pockets of silence came to me. I would love to go on a weekend retreat and just be in silence and wait upon the Lord, but that is not attainable to me at this particular season of life, finding pockets of silence through my day certainly is. So that is what I will do today is to find some pockets of silence to lift my eyes, look up, feel His radiance on my face, breathe in His Spirit, and exhale His abundant love to others.
Totally sweet post on Carlos Whittaker's blog Ragamuffin Soul, I thought I would embed the video, but the story Carlos writes about the video is so cool and explains it in such detail that I felt it best to send you his way rather than show the video here with my summed up words....Simon's baptism...good. It made me cry to see this man in the water about to be baptized so excited he couldn't even put on the churchy reverence demeanor, he showed how he felt about it and it was glorious. Celebration.
Again I learned so much this week at the Summit at ACU. Most were not new thoughts to me, in fact I had read them all before here and there in scripture. I didn't hear these particular words this week, but to me it was radical obedience. Going against what our culture has so clearly drawn us in to, materialism, desensitization, busyness, a luke warm faith. I ask God to help me not hold on tight to my stuff, break my heart where His breaks so I can be about His business, to see busyness as the false god it is to me, instead of scheduling myself so busy today, I need to be open to any appointments God has for me, and keep praying for increase in my faith while spending time with Him in scripture, meditation, prayer and waiting on Him for the increase. Thank you God for I am willing to receive your transformation.
Shine on.


Susan said...

I loved Simon's story. I love his exuberance for God.

It struck me today, Tammy, that you remind me of one of my dear friends, Keithie. Your hearts are those of depth, kindness, compassion and a searching to be closer to the Father. I wish you two could meet.