September 09, 2008

My One Thing, ACU Tonight ; )

My favorite thing about class yesterday. Dr. Wray asked us "Why do you want to become more spiritual?" Some of the answers; I want to know God more, Christlikeness, Led by the Spirit, Peace, move on to the meat in scripture.
(Note there is a huge difference between "religious" and "spiritual," we didn't talk about that in class, but I want to make sure that it is clear here.)

Who does God love more?
"natural man" - unsaved, non-believer
"carnal man" - saved, believer, worldly, walks as men, restless, non-discerning, milk, resists leading by the Spirit, grieves Spirit,
restless, walks in darkness
"spiritual man" - saved, believer, walks in the light, filled with the Spirit, Peace, Spiritually discerns, meat, weightier matters, ungrieved Spirit, joy, Abide in Christ.
The answer is "yes." He loves all men and women equally. I want the peace, joy, discernment, yielding to the Spirit, I want to abide in Christ. For me the path is clear, I have lived as all 3. Seeking God actively to me is living life in victory on earth.
The text that was used yesterday was 1 Corinthians 1-4.

I am so excited to say that my "Chuck Norris wears John McCain Jammies" flair has made it to the 183,000th rank! Woohoo, we are moving on up.

Today is the big day. Ron Hall and Denver Moore are in Abilene tonight to speak at Moody Coliseum on the campus of ACU. Starts at 7pm. I can't wait to hear them speak.

Have a "spectacular" day.


Linda said...

Can't wait to hear how tonight goes there in Abilene. I'm going to a fundraiser in two weeks in FW for the Union Gospel Mission and they are the speakers.