September 03, 2008

Temporary Tattoo Removal....Check

Wednesday morning. The kids are loving school, I love school even more this year because for right now the kids are riding the bus to and fro. I am saving some big $$$ on gas and I am getting about 90 minutes more work time on the computer, and the best part is that I am forgoing the morning stress of traffic in and out of two different campuses. Can I get a holla!!


This is my MOM TIP #1 for the school year. Every Friday from now until the end of football season my little munchkins (o.k. they are not little any more but I keep on trying to "think" them little) will be sporting some sort of temporary tattoo on their neck's, foreheads, arms, cheeks...I had to google how to get those things off as it had been since football season was over last year that I was in the temporary tattoo removal business. I started with oil, vegetable then olive. I saw a trace of something come off, but my sons cheek was already on its 3rd shade of red for just that miniscule little bit. So I headed back to my trusty Mac and googled, how to remove a temporary tattoo? And there it was the answer that I had hoped to find...scotch tape. I dug through the kitchen junk drawer and all the way in the back found some scotch tape...I think the key is scotch tape, as it is not strong enough to take the skin, but will remove the tattoo. Here in Texas someone might read this and not have scotch tape, but have 20 rolls of duct tape in multiple colors even camo, and think, well if scotch tape works then this silver tape will work, don't do it, your child's face will be mutilated. Stick to the scotch tape, just tear off a little, stick it right over the tattoo and voila!! Tattoo removal. I did have to use about ten little bits of tape to remove one tattoo, but there was no red face and it took about one minute. And I have to say that of the two tattoo's I removed, one from each cheek, the side that I had tried to use oil on came off much easier than the dry side. So my plan is to prep the area with some oil, let it sit a minute or two, then scotch tape it. Saturday nights just became much less painful.


Went to Derek's open house for school last night. Rob and I rushed to get there on time, then found out we were half an hour early, so we sat in the JR. High gym all by ourselves and discussed life for 30 minutes. It was glorious. Jr. High is definately a whole new experience as compared to intermediate. I loved getting to walk Derek's schedule, we were given his schedule then would go from one class to the next. Sitting down and listening to each teacher, then when the bell rang we would move on to the next classroom. It was totally fun.

I am grateful for the life God gave me.


Susan said...

Hmm. I'm surprised Abby didn't suggest duct tape. Denise's story about Abby using the dt for a plate was great.

not-so-deep Denise said...


Anonymous said...

i find rubbing alcohol works and isn't painful.


Becky K said...
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Becky K said...

I use baby oil it works great and leaves the skin silky smooth. Love you. Love me.