September 17, 2008

Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting / A Contest

Behind the scenes with Chase Jarvis and KungFu HDTV Chase Jarvis is a well known commercial photographer. His style is fresh and always cutting edge. This is a totally cool look at how a kung fu dude fights all the elements for a commercial.


Jack finished the last of the milk last night with his dinner. I didn't want to get out to go to the store, so I just thought to myself, no cereal in the morning. I love cereal. I should eat eggs, it regulates my blood sugar much more and I don't go through the day hungry, but the fact of the matter is I love cereal. So my dilemma this morning was what to eat for breakfast? Toast. I think that toast is yummy too, in fact I think I like it as much as cereal but it does require the extra effort to pull the toaster out of the cupboard, so it often gets pushed aside until we are out of milk. The first time I ever thought toast was hip and metropolitan was when Mad About You was on TV with Jamie (Helen Hunt) and Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser). They would want a late night snack and it almost always was toast.

Having toast, now what to put on it. This is where my Australian ancestry shows through, 2 of my 3 favorites are english in nature, Vegemite and Orange Marmalade, then raspberry jam, sometimes if I am really hungry I like peanut butter, I always like a smidgen of butter to say the least, and prefer to never eat toast dry. Jack likes his with grape jelly no butter, Sophie with jelly or peanut butter, Derek with butter, and Rob he likes to choose from all jams and even apple butter.

So now I want to hear from you! What do you like on your toast? Leave me a comment about your toast preferences and I will be giving away a copy of Same Kind Of Different As Me to one of the lucky participants, I still run into people who have never heard of the book. I must try and rectify this one contest at a time. The contest will end on Friday night at midnight. Several of my readers have read the book, so if you have already read it I will send you a different prize in it's place.


Brandi said...

You like Vegemite, really? I have never met anyone that likes that.

My favorite on toast, butter (always, real butter not margarine) and apricot jam. Home made is best but hard to come by in my home.

Tammy M. said...

Brandi - That is most peoples comment regarding vegemite. It was part of my upbringing what can I say, I LOVE it!

M'chelle said...

What is Vegemite? I have heard of it but never really knew anyone ate it or liked it for that matter. :)

I like either apricot preserves or cinnamon and suger...both choices with butter of course. What is the point of eating the carbs without the extra calories too!

Allison Connor said...

I am not picky...but probably peanut butter is my fav, which you must have a glass of milk to accompany...but really it probably depends on the day and what mood I am in b/c I really like cinnamon sugar/butter only/ or jam no butter...I love toast!!

Becky K said...

Riley loves Vegemite but she is the only one in the house that does. I like strawberry jam with butter or cinnamon sugar with butter. I could go for some peanut butter as well with butter hehe. I like orange marmalade as well. I love toast as well.

Anonymous said...

I like peanut butter, apple butter,
grape jelly, or cinnamon sugar, or
just plain toast. Toast is good, easy, nd I like it!
Donna Altman

Julie Adams said...

I have a good friend from England who swears by Vegemite!!! I've never had it! I don't like jam... I think I'll go with sugar, butter and cinnamon. That brings back great childhood memories!!!

SaraMelene said...

My favorite kind of toast is cinnamon toast! I also love toast with butter and honey.

I gave my Pastor a copy of Same Kind of Different as Me this past Sunday. I can't wait to hear his thoughts on it. He had not heard of it!

Anonymous said...

Toast with any kind of homemade preserves, especially pear, is delightful! My second choice would be honey. Both with butter, of course!

Sharon Winkler

Angie Ogle said...

Butter and homemade plum jelly (from our plum trees, of course!)

Amber Joy said...

My favorite on toast is cheese! Colby jack, in particular.
In fact, cheese is just about good on ANYthing!

Susan said...

I don't what what vegemite is. Interesting. You'll have to share that with us sometime.

I like butter, Polaner's all fruit grape and sometimes peanut butter with raisins.

Anna said...

Spray butter & blueberry jam!!! YUMMMM! =)

Anonymous said...

butter with orange marmalade!!!!!!!

ChristyCate said...

Toasted dry, then spread with butter.

Cheese toast, a little burned on the edges.

Buttered, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then toasted.

Or, even Nutella!

not-so-deep Denise said...

You don't have to share any Vegemite w/me. Really. I'm good w/never eating it.


Toast. Eat it every day. Usually it's an English muffin or left over French Bread. I do like some different bread textures......

But, on it? Always the same. Margarine (not adding all those butter calories) w/Smucker's Strawberry jam.

I would be open to trying another kind of jam/jelly, though.

Mamma of 2 kids said...

I know I'm lte but I like:
1: My sisters Strawberry Jam- homemade W/butter
2: Sugar and Cinnamon
3: P. B. and Grape Jelly
4: Egg yoke & Butter :) My Dads specialty

Roxanne said...

Tammy--just catching up as your blog link disappeared from our computer before the storm/after it died (the computer).

Anyway--I love seeing the pics of Jack's progress and am glad that you were able to view after pictures of the facial surgery to make a decision regarding how to proceed.

Now--for my toast--my favorite kind is just toast with butter BUT--there is a pat of butter in each corner and one in the middle, and you TOAST the bread WITH the butter on it.

It's the best toast ever. My husband thinks it is insane, but my kids swear by it.

The night my dad died, neither Momma nor I had much lunch and no dinner. When we finally got to my house at 11:00, I said, "Momma. I know we aren't hungry but we have GOT to eat something or we are going to get sick." Then I said, "How about some toast." She thought that sounded perfect, so that's what we had.

Love to you and yours.