September 25, 2008

Jack/ACU Summit Inspires

Jack had been counting down the days to the newest installment in this series he is holding below. The new book is called Brsinger, Rob and he are trading the book back and forth reading it. He LOVES to read. He wanted me to take his picture with all three books, and then a second later he was reading and in his own little world.

ACU Summit finished up last night. I went to exceptional classes and I loved all of what I heard. The key to what I heard is not to let it just sit and then fade away, it is to act on it. The theme was to cross the fence, welcome and love all people around us, be hospitable, and I loved the way Greg Kendell Ball put it yesterday in the Photography and Missions class, to enlighten those around us of the needs of the world with the images we take with our cameras. I left the Summit inspired to live simply, reach far and wide and shine the light of God. Thank you God for the power of your Spirit that can take Your scripture and make it so real and apply so specifically to my life.

If you haven't clicked over to my updated photography blog today is a great day to do that, I have a couple of sittings up from this last week that have some great images in them. You can subscribe to that address and it will let you know when I post a sitting.

As you can see in the images above Jack looks great, he is feeling well. We are truly grateful for his health. Tumors and Cancer have simplified our lives in so many ways. I am grateful for the life lessons I learned through Jack's battle. My prayer for myself and even for you is to not sweat the small stuff, focus on what is important, be still and allow the voice of God to speak into your life, be in His word so we know God more every day so we can be about His business not caught up and tunnel visioned on our own.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Jack is looking sooooooooo good! Is it my imagination, or has he grown alot since other pictures were taken? He's looking so much more grown up!!


Teeny said...

He does look so good! Love to all those sweet kids!


Becky K said...

He looks great. I love his hair cut. He is so handsome. Sweet boy.