May 18, 2009

Amazing Salado and The Baines House

Rob and I drove to Salado, Texas on Friday after he finished with work. We were SO excited to have a weekend away. I had one weekend in the next 3 months that I was going to be in town and/or not working and I wanted to spend it alone with my husband. Several people on Facebook suggested Salado. We chose to stay at The Baines House.
Originally I checked into The Inn on the Creek, which was booked up. We did however make dinner reservations at the Inn on the Creek for Saturday night. It was a pre planned menu which we were given options of when we reserved our place. Several courses and dessert were part of the meal.

But most of our time was spent at our B&B called The Baines House. We L-O-V-E-D where we stayed. If our travels take us back to Salado again, we would stay at the same place. One of the things both Rob and I loved was that the decorating wasn't your typical B&B, the room we stayed in was called the Thoroughbred Haven. It had a rustic style, not victorian. My favorite thing about the B&B were the gardens. Every turn was a feast for the eyes. Green lush gardens. The owners were Rod and Sheryl, Rod was in charge of the cooking and Sheryl was in charge of the grounds. Rod is a master in the kitchen and Sheryl is an artist in every sense of the word.

Breakfast was served each morning at 9:30am. Everyone met in the Carriage House for breakfast which was delicious. After breakfast the hosts serve dessert. Why not start your day with dessert right? Saturday they served Banana's Foster, and Sunday Strawberry Shortcake.

Following are some pictures and a bit more info.

This was our front porch, we spent quite a bit of our day here on Saturday. It rained most of the day Saturday, and we just sat in the rocking chairs reading and listening to the rain hit the tin roof.

Here are some pics of the grounds.

I loved this wall, at the edges it was a typical fence, but then doors and screens. It was on the bank of a stream, which at the time didn't have any water in it.

Here is one of the cabin's on the property. There were several different places one could stay. This was Rob's favorite, we were able to look inside on our last day after the current residents had checked out. It was called Seaberry Cottage.

This was the back porch of the Seaberry Cottage. A sunk in Clawfoot tub and a lounging area.

A pic of Rob and I's reflection in a gazing ball.

Here are the hospitality king and queen, Rod and Sheryl. Sheryl had fun stories to tell, and her art is everywhere. Painted on the walls, doors, 3pm each day they opened their living quarters to the people staying in the cabin's for tea and treats. Cheese, crackers, chocolate cake, candies and yummy tea or wine. Her home was filled with all sorts of art, quirky decorations and personality. The dining room chairs had vests and bow ties as covers, didn't have my camera at the time to take pics. I love this picture.

Strawberry Shortcake, this was our dessert on Sunday morning to follow up the egg and sausage frittata, fruit and toast.

This was our back porch to our room.

These pics are taken at the Inn on the Creek, another local B&B, they are known for their extra special evening meals. They only take a certain number of reservations, 5 star meal for sure.
As we were waiting for dinner to be called there were drinks on the lawn and veranda at the Inn on the Creek. This was the lovely view.

Here we were waiting to be served dinner. I love this pic of Rob's hands.

I can't even express how much we loved where we stayed and how much fun we had. I am blessed to have such a great husband.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the wisest possible use of that rare "free time."
Way to go!! :D

Sharon Winkler