May 05, 2009

Book Club Tonight / Great Aprons

A new company that was started by a mother/daughter due called Smocks has created these Amazingly Beautiful aprons pictured below.

Saw them posted on the Hostess With The Mostess blog, where more info is given on pricing and background of the company. Hostess with the Mostess is a great entertaining blog to follow. I can SO see some of the faces of the women in the southside fellowship hall class at my church when I read that blog. Right up their alley.


I was so glad to read Landry's Care Page last night, she had a great day and even sat up on her own in front of the doctors. Her mom had helped her to sit up the first time to show the doctors that she had improved that very day, and she slumped back and couldn't sit up. As the doctors were talking next to her bed she just sat her self right up....go Landry!!! Her mom said that she is making more eye contact and even held her hand firm and not limp when she was helping her wave bye to guests leaving the hospital room. Speaking from experience, these tiny acts bring more joy the second time, first being when they are babies or toddlers. I can remember when Jack took his first step on his own weeks after surgery, Rob and I just cried like babies, when he spoke his first word, when he smiled and then later laughed...each momentous occasion was due a huge celebration in our hearts. I am celebrating with the Robinson's for each victory. I am also praising God for His love and faithfulness that continues to bring hope and new mercies each morning.


Tonight is our first Taste and See Book Club. 7:30pm at Southern Hills. I am VERY excited about the time spent with this group of women. The Cloister Walk is not a quick read by any means, but I am still glad that we will have had the opportunity to read one of Kathleen Norris' books before she comes to Abilene in the fall for Summit at ACU where she is speaking. I love Summit, if you don't normally go and live in the Abilene area you are missing out. People fly in from all over the world to attend Summit, but some of us who live in the same city take it for granted. Excellent speakers and classes, I always learn so much.
Even if you don't have up to page 107 read, come on and join in the fun. So much of my underlining happened in the first 50 or so pages so we will have much to discuss.


While I am typing this I am burning images and transferring images to my hard drive. My computer is almost full and that is never a way to treat my little friend, so a bit of a break from editing while I free up some space ; )


Jack and Sophie had their End of Year Performance for Make A Play (APAC) yesterday. They had a blast and both remembered their lines. They get to decide on their own characters...Sophie was a Snobby Camper and Jack was James Bond. The play set at a Summer Camp and the campers were kidnapped by big foot, the Karate Kid and James Bond had to solve the mystery and rescue the campers. It was so fun to watch. Each time Jack walked on stage with a James Bond stride, the Bond music played in the


Rob and I haven't decided on our quick trip getaway yet. With all the hub bub about the flu I thought we might want to make sure we don't put ourselves in a situation where we could get sick right before we head to Chicago to go to his cousins wedding. Don't know if we will do a staycation or if we will venture out a bit more. I enjoyed Albany when we stopped through there on our way to see Paul Young speak in Breckenridge. I had been wanting to take Rob to walk around the town and eat at the Icehouse again...good Mexican food. So that might be a great opportunity for us to take a day to do that.


Hoping your day is full of great blessings and that you let God's goodness guide you through it.


Melene said...

Thanks for the links to those aprons! I love them and one of them is PERFECT for a friend of mine who loves to cook and has a birthday soon.

Thanks for sharing the news about Landry, too. God is good!