May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Beryl

Mother's Day means so many different things to so many people. I love that my kids take the time to tell me kind things today, I get extra kisses and hugs and sweet cards. My husband always makes sure that I know that he appreciates me. Every minute is a treasure.

I had a mommy too. She died when my twins were still being counted by months, 19 months to be exact. She was a great mom, and I think excelled in grandmotherism. She was kind and generous in spirit. She touched lives with her love and joy. There were many times in my childhood that most things were uncertain, a roof over our heads, food on the table, but my mom always made it seem alright. This morning there was a video shown at church, a daughter spoke of her mother after there home was destroyed along with everything there was in it. The mom assured her daughter that she would take care of her and everything would be just fine. That made me think of my mom so much. She always brought peace and calm to the hurricane. I love her dearly. Found an old disc with some old pics that were put together for her funeral, 9 years ago.

Dear Mom, I love you and I miss you so very much. I wish you were here for us to drink coffee and spend time together.

These images are not in chronological order...obviously.

This was my mom's favorite picture. Her in the middle of her grandkids.

My mom and dad, with Rob and I on our wedding day.

My mom with her siblings. She is the one with the glowing circle around her head ; )

My mom and dad looking dapper.

Mom and Dad on their wedding day.

One of my favorite pics of my mom, she was in her late teens here I think.

Here she is pictured in her nursing uniform. She was a nurses assistant at the time.

2 pics from her childhood.

My Mom and Dad, with my brother Rob and I while we were living in Australia.

Mom and my brother Rob with the Koala.

This is my favorite pic of my mom. It reminds me a little of my profile pic.

My mom along with her parents and siblings all grown up in Australia.

Mom with her new coat and sewing machine that she received for Christmas.

Mom found out she had cancer and died just over a month later. She always had a smile.

Mom with my neice Logan. Mom's hospital bed from hospice was put in the living room of my brother Rob's home. She became the center of the home during her illness. We all lived life to the fullest with her joining in from her bed.


Sarah said...

Love these pics. Can't imagine if my mom weren't around. You look a LOT like your mom. And the pic in the go-go boots? Very you... :-)

Anonymous said...

Tammy, that's a great tribute to your mom. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your memories. Sarah's right - you DO look a lot like your mom.

- Rebecca

Anonymous said...

This is Tiff. You just made me cry. I love you