May 29, 2009

Final Days In Chicago Pics

The day after the wedding we met up with Rob's family and headed to the Shedd Aquarium. We loved that we had family along to enjoy the day. The Shedd Aquarium was very fun, it was a grand opening day for one of the exhibits so I think the crowds were a bit higher than usual. There were so many people in the aquarium it made it difficult to get around and see the exhibits, but we made the best of it and the kids enjoyed it. Once we left the aquarium we went to Rob's cousin, Julie and her husband Dave's house to enjoy a spaghetti dinner that Aunt Rosemary prepared for all the family. We loved spending time with everyone. The next day we gathered at Rob's cousin's, Michelle and her husband Tony's house for a cook out and a day of fun and games. We really enjoyed a fun day to hang out. Later in the day we drove a couple of blocks to a harbor area on Lake Michagan. It was cold and windy but we loved every minute of it. The water was beautiful, there were amazing rocks and a lighthouse, although I am not a scary movie fan, they told us that the light house on this harbor was used for the movie The Ring.

A couple of pics from The Shedd Aquarium

Pics from the cook out at Tony and Michelle's. They have a lot of toys, the kids LOVED driving the golf cart around. My favorite pic is of Sophie driving, she was heading toward a fence, Rob and Derek looked a bit worried, Rob was helping her redirect her path a bit, and Sophie was a cool as a cucumber.

Here we are at the Harbor

This was after our Memorial Day Brunch with Rob's family. They are a generously kind bunch, very respectful of each other, very hospitable. Aunt Rose and Uncle Jim did such a good job raising their kids. We left for the airport right after this pic.


Melene said...

We loved the Shedd Aquarium when we visited Chicago-way back in 2002! Also the museum with Sue the Dinosaur. It is a cool city-but it rained the whole time we were there!

Tammy I had a dream last night that you were the saleswoman when my husband bought me and the girls all our own iPhones!