May 12, 2009

Proposal Link and Me.

Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday was a blast. I had a "model shoot" scheduled with Chris and Morgan but really Chris was proposing to Morgan in the middle of our picture taking session. It was the coolest thing ever to be able to photograph all the fun. I posted several of the pics on my photog blog along with the link to the slideshow.

I have stayed busy for weeks. I don't normally let myself get this busy with work. I have striven to find balance in my life over the last several years. When I first started shooting pics I was just thrilled to work and would be happy to work every night of the week if need be just to participate in this wonderful business of photography. It didn't take me too long to build up my business to the point that I saw that I needed to set some limits for myself. Really what it took for me to limit my work was Jack getting sick. I learned a huge lesson at that time, family comes first, and they like to see more than the back of my head whether I am walking out my front door with my gear or sitting at my computer editing images. This time of year always comes in like a hurricane and leaves like three hurricanes. This is my busiest time of year, I don't mind it so much because I know that it only lasts about 6 weeks, and I love every minute of it, I love what I do, I am just grateful that my family gives me the time I need to get some crazy amount of work done.

All that said, thanks to my family...your mom and wife appreciate you so much.