May 27, 2009

Chicago Day 2, The Wedding

The reason our family made the trip to Chicago was to watch Rob's cousin Jim get married to Lisa. After leaving what we thought was in plenty of time from the Museum of Science and Industry we walked into the hotel about 45 minutes before the wedding was set to begin. We got ready in a hurry and made it down to the ballroom with plenty of time to spare. The bus took longer to arrive at the bus stop than we had thought, then Friday afternoon traffic was pretty rough, once we got to the Blue Line Train we made good time.

Here are the kids sitting at our table before the wedding started.

This was the table marker, a mini bottle of wine. The front table outside the room held a bottle for each group/guest, you read on the label where you were to be seated.

Lisa was just handed off to Jim in this pic, everyone is still standing.

After the wedding the photographer had the wedding party head outside for some sweet light. I grabbed a couple of shots out there too ; ) In this pic are Rob's cousins, Julie and Tracy with their cute toddling babies.

Here is the bride and groom, looking lovely and handsome.

Jack walked with me outside so I grabbed a couple of pics of him before we went back inside.

We went in and grabbed the other two and went back outside so I could get a couple of pics of them in their wedding attire.

Here is Rob with his Uncle Joe (Elaine's brother) and Cousin Tom

Baby Nick

Baby Ben, both babies were in tuxes, they were led into the wedding by their grandpa with the wedding party in a wagon.

Rob's Cousin Julie and her husband Dave with their baby Ben. Cute family. Thanks Julie and Dave for being such great hosts.

Here is Rob with cousins Jim and Tom who are brothers. This is the day after the wedding after the big breakfast gathering.

Jim and Lisa the day after their wedding. They are in Hawaii right now.

There are SO many people missing from these pics. Not least of all Rob's cousin Michelle who was the wedding coordinator. She did a great job, she was only still for seconds at a time and I didn't realize that I hadn't gotten her pic on this day. This was the only day I wish I would have had my work camera.

It was a beautiful wedding. We are so grateful that we were able to see Rob's family.

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