May 02, 2009

Compassion teaches compassion.

Today is the final day for the Compassion Bloggers in India.

Here is a link to a precious post by Melissa Fitzpatrick, Beth Moore's daughter. The bloggers were being led on a tour and they met Kiran who is a Compassion Sponsored child. Kirin was excited to show her new friends her house. Only 7 out of the 10 people could pack themselves in her house and if you weren't a child you had to bend over to get through the front door. But Kiran thought it was beautiful.

An exert....

And then she asked us, her guests, with a genuine smile on her face as though she was taking us on a tour of her mansion:

“How do you like my house?”


I think what I love SO much about Compassion is the direct impact the sponsors have on the child they are sponsoring. There are so many wonderful Aid Organizations, but it seemed like I was just a drop in the bucket. The project would go on with or without me. Let me say again, that is not a bad thing. But what I love about Compassion it is a life changing program for your chosen child. That child will keep your letters tucked away and revisit them over and over. That child if they are old enough will pray on your behalf each day.

My compassion child Stella had a wonderful Christmas dinner with her family this year because of a small amount of money I sent to her for Christmas. Along with the dinner she bought a new dress, shoes and candy to share with her friends. My money made the difference in the life of a child. What my children deem as normal here, Stella was immeasurably blessed by.

As the trip winds down if you are not sponsoring a child this is a good time to click on over to Compassion and look at all the faces. I wrote about Durga our newly sponsored child with Compassion. I showed her picture to Sophie when she got home from school that day and Sophie was so excited that there was another child that we would help. Because of Stella and Durga my children are learning to be more grateful and more compassionate than I could ever teach them with my words. Stella and Durga are a part of our family. They will be prayed for and loved, and with Compassion's program, they will grow in character, health and knowledge. What a wonderful experience for all of us.

To learn more about sponsoring a child with Compassion International or read the blogs of all the bloggers there right now click here.