May 15, 2009

Can a non wedding party participant wear a tux to a wedding?

Friday morning. The kids are about to enter their second to last week of school. They are so excited for summer vacation, we are all excited to not have to wake to an alarm every day.

Besides work things have been pretty quiet around here. Rob took Derek to the store last night while I was working and together they picked out a pair of black pants (I call them slacks, is that still what they are called?), and a nice long sleeve button up shirt to wear to a wedding. Jack has opted to wear his tuxedo ; ) He said if he has it, he might as well wear it, I am just hoping no one thinks he is hoping to claim a last minute ring bearer gig. Ofcourse he will wear his tux with his bright red high top converse which will just be the cutest thing ever. It will be fun to see my kids dressed up. I am letting Derek wear his black tennis shoes with his dress outfit, fashion faux pas I know, but the boy will NEVER wear dress shoes again and his tennis shoes are black, so they match ; ) My sweet southern belle friends are probably trying to overcome the desire to unclaim me as their friend...sorry girls.

We have our next book club meeting on Tuesday night. Still enjoying the book (The Cloister Walk), still thinking it is not an easy read, not emotional uneasy, but a lot of words smushed together with little bits of jewels through out. It is a book you have to wear your thinking cap with. Kathleen Norris, the author, describes herself as a lover of words. She could just hang out with them all day and be thrilled. This book definitely shows that she does love words, I might enjoy a smidgen less of them though. This book has made me think it might be an incredible experience to spend time in a Monastery, to abide in the Benedictine way of life for a weekend, would be fascinating and a great learning experience.

Speaking of a weekend, I am looking forward to attending the Walk to Emmaus sometime this year. Don't have a for sure confirmation as to which session I will be attending, but it is a long time coming and I am looking forward to it. Back when I was the church secretary at SHCC I got to hear so many wonderful stories of people's experiences who attended. For 15 years I have had it on my to do list. Finally the Lord moved it up to the top and is leading the way for it to happen. Yay God!

Hope you have a super weekend.


Scott F said...

My Walk was life changing. I am thrilled you are going to go!