Jack the Natural Energy Source

Yesterday I was at the computer. The kids were all watching a movie on the television. It is the last week of summer vacation, and swelteringly hot outside, so I have become a bit laxed on television viewing time this week. I hear someone get a cup from the cupboard, then I hear the water run in the sink, then Jack say's, "Sorry for the noise, I will have the water turned off in a second." I didn't hear any response from Derek or Sophie, so they were tuned in and not paying attention to Jack's distraction. What a sweet boy, he was afraid the water was disturbing his brother and sister.

Jack is doing very well. We are going to cut back down on his Physical Therapy to once a week, with the stipulation he stays in Thai Kwon Do. He will have PT and OT on Tuesdays, then we are enrolling him and Sophie in a fun acting class, on Thursday, with Thai Kwon Do later that same day. I refer to my post about becoming the busy family.
Jack has not yet worked through the problems with the braces on his feet. They are made from a mold that hardens around his feet, Jack has the bony-est (sp?) feet ever. I never realized he has so many bones that just stick out. Needless to say those bones are all pressure points so we have had to take his braces back to the orthotics doctor, and he made some adjustments, they are still making red marks and rubbing on his feet, so we will be back there again soon.

Last night Jack was in the middle of the living room, exercising like a crazy man. Running in place, knuckle push ups, sit ups, swinging his arms in every direction, anything his 7 year old mind could think of. He had worked up a reputable sweat, I asked him why he was working out, and he said he had to keep up with Derek. Jack has not had this much energy since his chemotherapy started. He has been off of it now for 6 weeks and his endless energy is coming back. Hooray. This is very exciting. Of all my kids, Jack was the one who never stopped. He had two speeds, fast and asleep. I am grateful for Jack.


Anne Jones said…
I am grateful for Jack too! :)

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