September 18, 2006


The ACU Lectures got underway today. The group I am in called "The Coffee Group," completed our first of 3 sessions. All went well, we had some sound issues, for some people we weren't quite loud enough. Tomorrow we will pull our theatre voices out of our guts and fill the room with voice, as Jana puts it. I was sitting on the stage of Fulk's Theatre today at around 10:15 listening to Sarah talk about Jesus and how busyness can affect our lives, it was an awesome talk, but I was sitting there listening and a picture popped into my head of just how far away I used to be from God. And how today I was on a stage preparing to share my life with Him with all who might show up on Wednesday. It really doesn't matter where I have shared with others my walk with God, on a stage, in a pew, over coffee, through tears, or writing about it here, it is such an honor to be a child of God. That is what draws me to our coffee group, the ladies who hash through the good and bad, the pretty and ugly, it is all hashed about knowing that in the center of that is Jesus. We can share Jesus with each other, we can find the blessings when things are so dark we can't see our feet in front of us, we have a shoulder to cry on when we need a friend, and friends to laugh so hard with that our insides ache, which is just what we were doing 5 minutes before the presentation got underway. Thanks Judy for your story of mud.
I find God simply BREATH-TAKING. What an awesome God we serve and the opportunity for me to sit on a stool and tell people about God calling me to Him and not settling for anything but my whole being, brings me to such a state of gratefulness that I just don't know how to even express it. Someone asked us after our rehearsal a couple of weeks ago at Southern Hills, what was the purpose of our group? I don't think she got us, and that is o.k. But the purpose is to shout from the rooftops the Glory of the Lord, and just how he tugs at us to pull His sweet children closer to Him and to each other as encouragers, listeners, laugh with those that laugh, and crying with those that cry. God continues to call us into relationship with Him and each other. I am looking forward to Tuesdsay and Wednesday.


Sarah said...

I have said some similar things in preparing for my talk: If you don't think God can use ANYONE to share what He is doing, look at me: I have the dirtiest kitchen floor in the free world and am speaking at ACU lectureship, for crying out loud! :-)

Yes, I'm sad for people who can't see the purpose of our group is to have FUN in the Lord and tell His stories! And SOMEONE is going to have to top the mud story tomorrow before we begin. Too much.

Denise W. said...

Mud, Perfect Mud - NOBODY can top that! OOOOO, I wanna get me in that mud!

The blessings of our Father and the blessings of our friendships overwhelm me. Thanks for always pointing us to Him, Tammy. LOVE YOU!!!

Amber Joy said...

"I am looking forward to Tuesdsay and Wednesday."

...AS AM I!!!!