September 26, 2006

Scripture lived out.

Good morning. We are all doing well here in our house. We seem to be staying busy. Derek had a football game in ye ol' town of Merkel last Saturday. The score was Raiders (us) 44 - Badgers (0), it was a blowout. Sunburns were the keyword of the day, it seems like the sun caught us off guard, maybe it was the time of the day, but I was as red as a beetroot by the end of the day. If you win by that much in pop warner football the rules start changing in the last half, the winning team may not play their first string, or if they do play they are not allowed to make a touchdown, there is also a "mercy" rule where the losing team can choose to always be on offense and the winning team is always on defense, what happens if someone picks up a fumble? Good question. Derek did get to play alot due to the score, so he had a good game. We are almost half way through our season.

After the football game I had set up a photo shoot for some publicity pics for the wedding fair on Oct. 8th, I asked a couple (who are already married by the way) to be my models for the shoot. I bought a wedding dress on Ebay and Tamara F. (my style guru) allowed me to use some fabulous shoes and accessories. It was a perfect day, the weather was beautiful and a light breeze on occasion. It was fun to work with Anna and Kirk. There is a certain freedom in not having to please a client, just taking the pictures that I had in my head. It is a great opportunity to try out some different types of poses and then take those and put them in future sittings. Click here to see a couple of the images of the day.
Kristen S. came over and helped me make a page on photoshop for the bound book for the fair. Every day I learn something new.

Jack has pt and ot today, his foot braces gave him some blisters on Friday last week, so we are letting his feet heal, then I guess we need to get back to the orthotics doc for him to do some more work on the braces. Poor little punkin' feet.

The Daniel study is going well, intentional integrity for the Lord is the basis of this study. Being relevant in the world we live in, and also being set apart in our character and having it be obvious we are a child of God will does not just seem to happen. We have to resolve (another word from Daniel) to make that happen with God's leading. Very exciting!!!!!

Moving on to a different subject, kind of. We have been studying Ephesians, and marriages, commitments, family, at church. On Sunday morning Phil played a clip on the big screen to finish up his lesson. It came from a movie I can't recall, but the scene showed an older man, kneeling down in front of his wife, who is wearing a glazed blank look. He confesses to her that he has found her in the past to be a burden, he is her caregiver, and she has alzheimer's. He makes his confession, apologizes, and then recites the vows from their wedding ceremony decades earlier. For better and for WORSE, in SICKNESS and in health, ... he tells her that it would be an honor to care for her and that she is still the love of his life. (sniffles and tears are the backdrop in the sanctuary)
I have watched many spouses nurse their husband or wife over the last years of their lives, sometimes even decades long. My grandfather is one of them, but there are several more that come to mind. They are the vows being lived out. What testimonies of faithfulness, to God first and then their spouse. It seems like in my life if I put God first anything is possible.
Scripture lived out.