September 19, 2006

How many different situations in my life can I use the word tweak?

ACU Lectures day #2. Donna and Denise both did great today. Today was their day to speak. They made us laugh and convicted us to let the Lord lead us. Well tomorrow is my day to speak. And the thoughts of forgetting everything that was ever put in my brain from birth to today is going through my mind, I wish I had an external back up hard drive for my brain.
A couple of days ago, as I was preparing for tomorrow, I pulled out my pages of bullet points from 3 weeks ago at Southern Hills. I looked at the pages and for the life of me couldn't remember what I was talking about with several of the points. No big deal, I thought to myself, I will just pull up the unabridged version on my handy computer. Oh, wait my computer crashed last week and I don't have those notes any more. I think back to when I was cleaning off my computer desk just about 2 weeks ago and thought about the big stack of papers which were the hard copies of my talk, unabridged, and being the organizer that I am, sent them straight to file #13, because after all, I have it on my computer, why would I need to have that paperwork cluttering up my work space.
I have felt the Lord calling me to tweak my talk a bit, maybe I wouldn't have given it the full-tweak if I would have had a lovely set of papers or a file to look at all my old stuff. So here I am 6:39 pm listening for the Lord's guidance for my talk in the morning. For those friends who were there a couple of weeks ago, don't worry about having to listen to the same talk twice! Pray for me to be open to the Lord and His guidance.


sarah's dad said...

You must have done a really good job of tweaking, cause your presentation was wonderful.

Mignon and I felt privileged to have attended all three sessions, and were in awe of your ability to exhibit your deep faith so eloquently.

We appreciate what you and the other coffee drinkers (as well as that rebel diet Coke drinker) are doing. You ladies are an effective voice for the Lord.

PS: liked your new professional website!

Amber Joy said...

Congratulations! It's over and you were simply mahvelous! I love you better and better every chance I get to talk to you. To borrow the words of a classic... "You're my inspiration..."

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Tammy! All three days were wonderful. Keep up the good work. Love you, Jacki