September 09, 2006

And the Raiders Win!

Raiders 12
Sweetwater 0
What a fun morning. The game was great. There was fun to be had. Here are a couple of pictures of the game. Good job Raiders. Derek mainly plays the "O" line, and the guy he blocked for the most part was a 225 lb 5th grader. Hello - he looked like a pro wrestler, had to be atleast 5'5". Derek held his own, I did see him get pummeled to the ground once, but other than that he remained standing and battling.


Rebecca said...

He looks like a pretty tough guy. He's gonna meet trouble with the girls in high school. I'm so blown away by how young the kids around here start dating. I'm planning to lock mine up until they're twenty.

Denise W. said...

How great he looks! You'd never guess he just threw up....