September 03, 2006

Weekend Fun

Happy Labor Day Weekend. We have had a busy couple of days. Rob's dad went back to Tucson yesterday to get ready to head back to work this week. He is always alot of fun. We all went to the Wylie Vs. Brownwood football game on Friday night. It was a great game, but Wylie lost. The kids had alot of fun screaming for their team. Derek has his first football game tomorrow (Monday) night, as long as it doesn't get rained out. We will take the rain without complaining, our grass is looking lovely and green for the first time in months.
The kids and Rob have tomorrow off, Rob's days off are few and far between so we always enjoy the ones he has. I took pictures at a wedding last night. This wedding was amazing. The mother of the bride made all the dresses, including the wedding gown, she made the backdrop in the church, all the decorations that were around. The linens on the tables at the reception matched the fabric backdrop for the wedding, the napkins, napkin holders, placemats, flower arrangements, all sorts of backdrop areas at the reception. She did a phenominal job and it looked so beautiful.
We had shepherding group tonight and our group met at Sharon Allen's Barbeque, it was delicious. Denise we missed you, hope you feel better soon. I love our shepherding group.
Rob and I are going to have a Gilmore Girls marathon tonight, fix some decaf coffee and snuggle on the couch. Dreamy.
I hope your holiday weekend is blessed.
Love, Tammy


Sarah said...

Is this weather PHENOMENAL???? I was even thinking about some decaf coffee (well, you know how I drink coffee! :-) Too bad I don't have a Gilmore Girls to watch -- that would make it PERFECT!

Amber Joy said...

Tammy, I googled you, and your website looks fantastic! What beautiful photographs! I know who I'LL be calling - when and if I ever have the need. ;)

Sarah said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! I continue to have blog envy -- it's becoming a chronic condition for me. Cute, cute, and you, YOU!!! I LOVE it!!

Denise W. said...

Your blog is GREAT!! Wow!! It' just so beautiful! Cool, cool, cool.

Rebecca said...

Your hubby is willing to watch a Gilmore Girls MARATHON? Mine won't even get past the title sequence. (Not that we have cable anymore anyway, but it's the principle of the thing!)